51,000 fruit trees for Bundelkhand July 2017

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Fruit trees are an important natural and economic tool available to alleviate hunger and poverty, and combat climate change.

We at Sustainable Greening Initiative started this project by trying to raise Rs 350,000/-  to plant and nurture 4,000 fruit trees for 120 marginal farmers, which would provide food and income, and combat climate change in villages around Lalitpur, Bundelkhand, UP, India.

And in the last few weeks we have had some very encouraging developments.

An old friend from Kolkata committed INR 111,000.

Earth Day Network wants us to plant 2017 fruit trees.

Southern star Vishnu Vishal contributed 100,000 towards the cause.

Nanjibhai committed up to INR 200,000.

Based on this encouragement we have revised our plan to plant 51,000 fruit trees in five villages of Lalitpur.
We have raised and have got firm commitments of contributions for 8.21 Lakh of the Ten Lakh Rupees we have budgeted for this activity - to be completed by end July.

Background: In July 2016 SGI planted 2500 fruit trees in Bundelkhand.

Thanks to the generous support of friends, we at Sustainable Green Initiative were able to plant 2500 fruit tree saplings around Lalitpur  - some of the poorest and drought prone villages of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh, India. 

This was made possible with the active help of Ramit Basu , an engineer turned development expert and Basudev Singh, President, Bundelkhand Seva Sansthan an NGO working in this poverty stricken drought prone area for the last 25 years.

Bundelkhand: where human beings like you and me had to resort to eating rotis made of wild grass.

For all of us who had been reading reports of the 2015 drought across India, Bundelkhand stood out as the worst affected region. In early 2016 Ramit Basu and me decided to do whatever we could do about this situation. Ramit did a tour of the areas in March and with Basudevji, put together a plan to plant as many fruit and fodder trees in this area.

With the help of friends and family, we at SGI put together enough resources to initiate a 2500 fruit sapling planting in two villages Sorai and Banhori Kalan of Mandavra block in the district of Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh. 

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Planting fruit trees to help fight hunger, poverty and climate change
200 families were chosen based on their income levels, land holding and willingness to plant and most importantly - nurture the saplings. 

In January 2017  we revisited the beneficiaries and planting sites to gauge progress
Despite the harshness of the passing winter we were pleasantly surprised to see all the plants growing well, the villagers and staff of Bundelkhand Seva Sansthan have ensured that these trees will bear fruit soon.

Upcoming planting:

51,000 fruit trees for Bundelkhand July 2017

This year we aim to plant and nurture 51,000 fruit trees for 120 marginal farmers, fruit trees which will provide food and income in  Anaoura village, Lalitpur, Bundelkhand, UP, India.

Do contribute and have a few fruit trees planted

Grateful for you help, support and encouragement.