Plant Pomegranate/ Papaya/ Drumstick/ Gooseberry (amla) trees: Great on nutrition

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Min ₹ 500

Plant fruit trees to help fight hunger, poverty and climate change

We plant good hybrid varieties of these saplings and nurture them to ensure that the beneficiary community starts getting fruit on the table within 12-36 months of planting.

Papayas and Moringa are ready for harvest within 12 months. Pomegranate and Gooseberry 24 to 36 months.
500 Rupees ensures TEN trees get planted.

Each tree yields a minimum of a 100 kilo of fruit within a year of its maturity for fruiting.
TEN trees means ONE Ton of fruit.
Year after year for the life of the tree, from up to 25 years in case of Papayas to 70 years for a Gooseberry.
Can you think of a better social return on your investment?

These trees are planted to benefit small farmers either in their farmlands or in their homes and in communities like an orphanage or an old age home.

How we work
Plant and nurture some fruit trees today.
Help combat hunger, poverty and climate change

You can choose to plant TEN trees, FIFTY trees or ONE HUNDRED trees.

For planting TEN Fruit trees you pay Rs 500.
For planting FIFTY Fruit trees you pay Rs 2250.
And for planting ONE HUNDRED Fruit trees you pay Rs 4000.

Please put appropriate amount in the "What would you like to Pay?" dialog during checkout.

(10 Trees = INR 500)
(50 Trees = INR 2250)
(100 Trees = INR 4000)