Masters of Facebook Ads


Want to become Master of Facebook Ads in 60 Days?

Join my 1st batch of live Facebook Ads training with all the practical sessions with a lifetime support in the secret Facebook group where I will teach all the concepts.

What you'll learn:
1. Introduction
2. Find a Profitable Niche using Niche criteria strategy
3. How To validate your niche
4. Check the potential of your niche with the ongoing trend
5. How to check other people are earning into your niche
6. How to check the demand into your niche
7. Find the solution of the demand
8. Facebook Page concepts (Generic & Niche Based)
9. Facebook Page Creation Which Would Easy To Monetize
10. Ad Manager And Ad Types Detailed Introduction
11. Criteria To Launch The Ad Campaign
12. How to create a roadmap to find the right target audience
13. Demographics, behavior, interest based targeting
14. Reasons for the ad campaign failure
15. How to find the core value for making the right target audience
16. Validate the concept of target audience into your niche
17. Facebook audience insight detailed explanation
18. Why you should use Facebook Ads
19. Types of Facebook Ads
20. Free resources for Ads creation
21. Ad campaign Ideas
22. How to build the strategy to get results through Facebook Ads
23. Facebook Ads Structure
24. How to read and analyze the Facebook Ads report
25. Analyze the failure reason into the Facebook Ads Campaign
26. How To Scale up the campaign
27. Retarget concept of Facebook Ads
28. Facebook Pixel detailed explanation
29. Online Earning Ideas through Facebook Ads skills if you don't have anything to earn
30. Final words and conclusion.

Training will be started on 24 Dec 2018.

Join this batch and start your Facebook Marketing career with me. :)

Important Things
The training is Online.
The training will be delivered via a Secret Facebook Group.

Siddharth Pal