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Certification – Continuous Improvement Practitioner (The Toyota Principles)
Professional Credential - CIP
Study Material – Hard Copy of Toyota Principles and cases
About Course - This Course will outline on Lean, waste reduction, and Improvement tools that are used in corporate and production to increase efficiency, Study material includes The book is full of examples of the 14 fundamental principles at work in the Toyota culture, and how these principles create a culture of continuous learning and improvement. You 'll discover how the right combination of long-term philosophy, process, people, and problem solving can transform your organization into a Lean, learning enterprise--the Toyota Way.
Examination – Online mode, from any location with good internet access
Examination duration – 1 1/2 hour
Exam Attempt - Single
Total Questions – 90
Passing Criteria- 50% & above
Certificate & Performance Report - Hard Copy of certificate & performance report with SITMI stamp, authorized signature, unique number of certification & both documents will laminated with high quality process - It will be dispatched at candidates postal address within 5 business days from exam qualified date.