WordPress Mastery (Get Instant Access)

Day-01: Course Introduction
  1. About the Course
  2. About Your Instructor
  3. Course Prerequisites
  4. Support Options
  5. Assignment
Day-02: Introduction to WordPress
  1. What is WordPress
  2. Why Learn WordPress
  3. How to Learn WordPress
  4. Assignment
Day-03: Getting Started with Live Project
  1. About Your Live Project
  2. Getting a Free Domain with Hosting
  3. Creating a Master Sheet for Your Live Project (Google Sheet)
  4. Creating a Basic Logo (and Favicon) for Your Live Project
  5. Assignment
Day-04: Introduction to Web Mail
  1. About Web Mail
  2. Setting Up Your Own Web Mail
  3. Accessing Your Web Mail
  4. Assignment
Day-05: Setting Up WordPress
  1. Installing WordPress (Quickly & Safely)
  2. A Quick Tour to WordPress Dashboard
  3. Customizing WordPress (Basic)
  4. Assignment
Day-06: Getting Started with WordPress Themes & Plugins
  1. Introduction to WordPress Themes and Plugins
  2. Installing (and Activating) WordPress Themes and Plugins
  3. Assignment
Day-07: Working with WordPress Themes and Plugins
  1. Customizing the Installed WordPress Theme
  2. Configuring the Installed WordPress Plugins
  3. Assignment
Day-08: Managing Contents with WordPress
  1. Introduction to Basic Content Management Options in WordPress
  2. A Quick Tour to Basic Content Management Options in WordPress
  3. Assignment
Day-09: Introduction to SEO
  1. About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Basics of Keyword Research
  3. Creating Search Engine Optimized Contents
  4. Assignment
Day-10: Introduction to WordPress Security
  1. About WordPress Security
  2. Securing Your WordPress Project(s)
  3. Backup and Restore of Your WordPress Project
  4. Assignment
Day-11: Introduction to Google Analytics
  1. About Google Analytics
  2. A Quick Tour to Google Analytics Dashboard
  3. Setting Up Google Analytics
  4. Assignment
Day-12: Troubleshooting WordPress
  1. About WordPress Troubleshooting
  2. 11 Common Issues and Quick Fixes in WordPress
  3. Assignment
Day-13: Making Money with WordPress
  1. 21 Ways to Monetize Your Live WordPress Project
  2. Introduction to WordPress Freelancing
  3. How to Make Yourself Ready for Starting Your Freelancing Career
  4. Assignment
Day-14: Conclusion (With Q&A Session)
  1. Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)
  2. Introduction to My Premium Courses
  3. Course Summary (in PDF)
  4. Assignment
Special Bonuses:

Bonus-1: My #1 Step by Step Affiliate Marketing Training System to Make $100/Day.
Bonus-2: 101 Ways to Drive Free Traffic to Your WordPress Site (E-Book)
Bonus-3: Free Download of My Advanced Blog Business Planning Guide.