20 Emotions Feelings Flashcards - Nursery Preschool Toddler Moods Daycare, Kids, Children, Happy, Sad, Angry, Printable - Instant Download!

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These Emotions Flash cards are designed for preschoolers, toddlers and young kids to learn various Emotions and feelings easily. These cute feelings flashcards are great for daycare learning or preschool games and learnings and for introducing kids to various moods - Happy, angry, Sad, Excited.

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  • Minimum Recommended Age: 18 months

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  • The size of each card is 3 x 4 inches

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What does this package of Emotions and Feelings flash cards contain ?

This pdf set contains 20 printables flash cards for Emotions and Feelings. Each card contains an emotion. We have tried to keep the pictures realistic and something that a kid can relate with. The cards are small in size so that kids can easily hold them.

  • 20 flash cards for introducing emotions

Flash cards are good for helping kids learn and retain various concepts and can be incorporated in reinforcing learning via doing more activities on these concepts. Check out an easy game you can play with this card below apart from easy activities like matching.

How to use these Flash cards ?

Print these cards on paper and if possible laminate them. If you want you can also use glossy A4 paper.

For younger kids, you can show these flash cards and talk about various emotions and feelings. You can talk in a story format about each emotion or feeling so that a kid can connect with them. At times teaching about emotions and feelings is ignored but it is essential for emotional growth of a child.

For preschoolers these flash cards can be used to play games and design activities. For e.g. you can enact an emotion and ask your kid to guess which one it is or the other way round. Whoever answers correctly gets to keep the card.

Have fun together, you are doing great as a parent 🙂