Addition Clip Cards - Mathematics, Kindergarten, Kids, 1st grade, Children Peg Cards Christmas Theme printables

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Looking for free addition clip cards for Kindergarten kids for beginners just learning to add? Download these FREE picture addition clip cards and I am sure your kid would love them.

These clip cards are a great replacement for addition worksheets for kids as it teaches addition in a hands-on way and from what I have seen kids love clip cards.

These addition clips contain picture objects instead of numbers so it is easy for kids to understand the concept of addition and visualize how numbers get added. So this is the first step where they add by counting objects before they get started with adding numbers.

We have kept objects aligned with what kids love or what they see everyday – cars, presents, apples, caterpillars, starts, flowers, and so on.

Just download, print, and have fun. You can use it to make busy bags or plan indoor activities.