Number Sequencing printable worksheets Dinosaur theme (2 sheets + 2 Puzzle + 1 cover page)

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This is a combination of Number sequencing worksheets and puzzles for kids great for teaching number sequencing. We have tried to keep objects that toddlers or young kids can easily identify and love – in this case Dinosaurs.

You can use these worksheets for

  • Number Identification
  • Number Sequencing
  • Finding Numbers
  • Coloring This printable worksheets is good for problem solving and introducing numbers.

Note – This is a copyright property. You can buy it for personal use. Not for commercial use (to be shared or sold or used for profit)

How to use these Number Sequencing Dinosaur themed worksheets

  • The first two Printables worksheets are for Dinosaur themed number sequencing puzzles. First sheet covers Number sequencing for number 1-10. Second sheet covers number sequencing for number 11-20.
  • The second two worksheets require kids to find the missing numbers 1 till 10 and colour them. Sample of second sheet below.

You can take printouts and laminate these worksheets and then cut them to form Puzzle strips. You can show your kid how to arrange in a numerical order to solve the puzzle.