SOE Store Kids Sight Words PDF downloadable Worksheets for KinderGarten kids - Teach Phonics tricky words via games

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Sight Words Worksheets for Kindergarten kids for teaching and practicing sight words in a fun way.

This PDF downloadable worksheets set focuses on recognition of sight words through various interesting hands on activities. The set is designed for 4-6 years and above kids to practice the recognition and reading of sight words.

Minimum age recommended is 4.5 yrs.

Activities in this set are :

  • Match the sight words

  • Underline the sight word in the given sentence.

  • Word Search

  • Play a Peek-a-boo game and colour the sight words

  • Sight Words Colour by Code

  • Sight Words – Throw the Dice and Win the Game

  • Sight Words Puzzles

  • Sight Words Tic-Tac-Toe Game

How to make these worksheets reusable ?

Once you have printed these worksheets, you can laminate them using a laminator and laminating sheets and thus use them as many times you want :-).

We have personally used these brands of printer, laminating sheets and laminator to make worksheets reusable. Click here to see