Visual Discrimination Worksheets for Toddlers Preschoolers - 29 worksheets to teach concept of same and different

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What is Visual Discrimination
Visual Discrimination is the ability to differentiate one thing from another and its development is essential for child growth and development. To differentiate one thing from another we need to be able to see, identify and recognize details. Then analyse what details are similar and what details are different. The details could be same or different in terms of colours or shapes or position or print or a combination of above

Visual Discrimination Worksheets pack - Product Features

  • Excellent to introduce the concept of same and different
  • 29 Pdf worksheets to improve visual discrimination skills
  • Recommended for young kids (2 years above)
  • Teaches by repetition of concepts for early learners

These Visual Discrimination worksheets for toddlers and young kids (Beginners level) are designed to teach the concept of visual discrimination by identifying shape and colours.

  • Minimum age recommended is two years.

This printable sheet pack contains 30 pdf sheets (of A4 size) with one cover page containing instructions and 29 worksheets with activities to practice the basics of visual discrimination.

Note – This is a copyright property. You can buy it for personal use. Not for commercial use (to be shared or sold or used for profit)

Activities in these sheet:

  • Circle the odd one out (based on shape and object type)
  • Circle the odd one out (based on colours)
  • Match similar ones (based on shape and object type)
  • Match similar ones (based on colour)