CAT Preparation for Working Professionals

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CAT Preparation for Working Professionals
In Entire Course You are going to learn
1. How to Kickstart your Preparation for CAT ?
2. How to analyze Mocks to find out weak areas which are causing performance issues
3. How to apply to right institutes to maximize chances of conversion rather than applying everywhere ?
4. How to decide whether I should leave the job or not ?
5. How to stay focused in hard times while focusing on job and preparation ?
6. How to handle Pressure in mocks and actual CAT ?
7. How to deal with difficult boss or coworkers who are not supportive of your goals and still how to ask for study leave ?
8. How to learn methods to solve Quant problems faster than ever ?
9. Speed Reading , Comprehending and Vocabulary learning
10. How to create more energy for studying after JOB ?
11. How to hack your brain at Peak Performance ?
12. How to instantly identify and create TIME for CAT preparation ?
13. How to make quantum shifts in your CAT preparation by Strategizing ?
14. How to Develop Hawk like focus even if you are dead tired and mentally fatigued ?
15. How to Out-think your Competition ?
And more
Plus Complimentary Access to
"How to Choose Right Career based on Strengths ?"
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