Social Media Maniac - MayMania

₹ 6,000₹ 499

It is a 4-Week Online Training + Competition where the participants will undergo training, just like online classroom sessions, and learn every bit of social media platforms.

They can use this skill to have a personal brand or enhance their resume to stand apart from the crowd for better job opportunities.

There are a total of 7 levels (Just Like Treasure Hunt):

L1: Warm-Up Habit (1-week): Just another warm-up exercise before entering the game

L2: Niche Hunt (5-Days): Let's understand what are you best at to make this training more effective

L3: Saviour Weapon (3-Days): We cannot win a battle without any weapon, let's find yours

L4: Let's Boom (3-Days): Let's learn to attack the field (the online world)

L5: Techy-Week (1-Week): An essential skill that every warrior must possess

L6: Strong Bond (1-Week): Let's learn to build and nurture strong bonds

L7: The Finale: The final battle to demonstrate your worth!

Mode Of Conduction:
From Level 1 to Level 3: One - on - One
From Level 4 to Level 7: Online Classroom Training

After successful completion of all the levels, the best performers will:

  1. Learn how to earn money from their blogs

  2. Receive a certificate of completion

  3. Lifetime Free Access to Further Training

  4. Content Guidance for 3-Months after completion of the program

*t&c apply