PMP 'Last Mile' Prep books + PM Career Guidance book

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This set of PMP exam 'Last Mile' preparation books have helped several hundreds of PMP students pass their exam in just last few months.
Today this is available for a price less than the cost of one single book. You also get a bonus Project Management Career Guidance book (book #6 below) to shine at your work!

Update: I've also added the new book 'PMP EXAM MNEMONICS' to reduce your prep time considerably and increase confidence in your preparedness.

Book titles in this bundle -
1. 250 Best PMP Sample Questions: Retail price $49.90 (for the set of first 2 books)
2. 338 More PMP Sample Questions from Facebook PMESN Community
3. The Complete PMP Formula Guide: Retail price $47.95
4. Effective Mind Mapping For PMP Exam Preparation: Retail price $19.95
5. The Super Guide to PMP Question Types: Retail price $47.95
6. How To Become a Star Project Manager: Retail price $24.95
7. PMP EXAM MNEMONICS: Retail price $24.95

Grab this package of over $215.65 for one time low price of Rs. 2,206 only.

Here's another reward I look forward to give you for taking action -

After you pass the exam write to me at and I will feature you and your prep advice on my blog and all PM community forums - frequented by over 22909+ project managers monthly (more reach indirectly).
This, I believe will help you further expand your professional network on LinkedIn and other social PM circles.

Keep Calm & Ace PMP!

Best regards,
Shiv Shenoy
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