✨Tarot/ Oracle Card Reading with SmMagic✨

₹ 4,500

✨Tarot or Oracle Card Reading✨
Tarot and Oracle cards are spiritual tools used to receive messages from the divine .

A card reading gives you clarity on what's currently happening with you at the time of the reading, What has been and where you want to be with a suggestive path to get there. They do not predict the future. The cards help you gain insight into yourself and your life in the moment of your reading . A reading is not designed to make decisions for you. My readings focus on the present moment as we all live in the now. So form your questions as close to this present moment so you can get guidance for living in the power of ‘Now’.

Energy Exchange - Rs.4500/ 68USD

Payments outside India:
Please PayPal 68 USD to <contact@sm-magic.com>

(You will receive your reading along with the pictures of your cards via email within 48 hours of making the payment.)

For All:
Please email/ whatapp the following details to <contact@sm-magic.com> or +919920580060:
1. Full Name
2. Date of Birth
3. Mobile Number
4. Questions for the reading( ask as many questions as you wish)
5. Screenshot of payment made.

For more details :
Website: www.sm-magic.com
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