Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India


Sri Poorna Mahameru Trust runs a free senior citizens home for destitute elders at Pallavaram,Chennai,India. The trust also runs free food programmes(Annadhanam) across Tamilnadu, Support to Leprosy affected, educational scholarships, Medical care to the needy. Donations are tax exempt u/s 80G.
  • Distribute food packets to needy in Chennai, Tamilnadu (1 packet - Rs. 100, min 10 packets - Rs. 1000)
    Min ₹ 1,000
  • Donate to Building Reconstruction Fund of a free old age home at Chennai
    Min ₹ 1,500
  • Donate for full day food to the resident elders at free old age home at Chennai
    Min ₹ 4,000
  • Sponsor one day lunch to the resident elders at Sri Poornamahameru Trust, Chennai
    Min ₹ 2,000
  • Leprosy/Cancer support and feeding/annadanam scheme
    Min ₹ 8,000
  • Sponsor educational scholarship for a underprevileged student
    Min ₹ 1,000
  • Support for cremation expense of a destitute senior citizen in free old age home, Chennai
    Min ₹ 8,000
  • Donate for medical expense of one senior citizen at free old age home
    Min ₹ 5,000
  • Annadanam(Feeding the needy) and General Donation at Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust
    Min ₹ 1,000