Kutti Krishna Collection (Sri Jenmashtami - Sri Jayanthi Special)

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Happy to launch our new collections for the happy happy birthday of Kutti Chotu Krishna. Large colourfully illustrated books with minimal wordings, best suited for Children of all ages. There can't be a better gift for your Children. Let them engage & spend their time valuably with our kutti pattu chella krishna :-)

Notes :
1. All Collections come with 3 free paper masks - Krishna, Andal & Vishnu. Good fun time for your child. Children tend to role play as Krishna Himself after listening to the pastimes stories
2. Shipping costs are included. Some call it as "FREE" shipping :-)
3. If you are conducting competitions online, these collections are great for prizes for winners/participants. As a humble offering, we can directly ship to the winners on your behalf.

A. Kutti Krishna Activity Collection - 4 books + 3 masks

A1. Krishna Lila Colouring Book
A2. Lord's Names Colouring Book
A3. Stepping Stones Activity & Colouring Book
A4. Andal Thiruppaavai Activity & Colouring Book

B. Pattu Krishna Story Collection - 13 books + 3 masks

B1. Krishna tricks back Brahma
B2. Damodara - the butter thief
B3. Krishna and the fruit vendor
B4. Govardhan - Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill
B5. Kaliya Krishna - adventure with the poisonous serpent Kalinga
B6. Kuvalaiyapida - Krishna's pastime with the demonic elephant
B7. Putana - How Krishna tackled the boochaandi girl
B8. Rukmini Kalyanam - An abduction for a happy ending
B9. The story of the Syamantaka Jewel - Pastimes with the Jumbo Jaambavan
B10. The Story of Talavan - Krishna Balarama Brothers with the demon Denukashura
B11. Krishna with the deadly bird Bakasura
B12. Tale of two friends - Krishna with Sudama (Kuchela)
B13. Khira Chora Gopinath - How Krishna stole the Khira & our hearts :-)

C. Chella Krishna - Complete Collection with all books listed in Story & activity collection and 3 of our special premium books

C1. QR based animated book - The Divine names of Lord Krishna
C2. The traditional Vrajavasi story of Kusumsarovar
C3. Stories of Krishna from Guru Parampara

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