StanceBeam Striker, Smart Cricket Bat, App Enabled Sports Activity Tracking Device with 3D Motion Sensor

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    ₹ 7,999

    The 'StanceBeam Striker' is a unique motion sensor that is designed to fit on top of any cricket bat. The motion sensors capture all the information on your game and connects to our APP ecosystem across iOS and Android.
    The 'StanceBeam Striker' is easy to assemble on top of the cricket bat and comes with an inbulit rechargeable Battery (with a life of upto 6 hours); charging cradle to charge the battery on-the-go; 'Replacable Bat Mounts' for seamless integration with any cricket bat and a locking key to make sure that the Striker remains inside the bat sleeve.
    The smart motion sensors built into the device provide a validated set of high accuracy data like 3D swing analysis, Bat Speed generated, Power index, Swing Angels and shot efficiency. The data collected by the sensor can be viewed on the StanceBeam app in real-time and is stored on the cloud. Users can login to their accounts and access their sessions/history/data wherever and whenever they want.
    The 'StanceBeam app' captures various data points provide multiple metrics that include analysis of batting shots, session insights, angles and directions, impact speeds and the power generated by the bat swings.
    The 'Striker' comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase. This package includes the following Components: 1 Bat StanceBeam Smart Striker, 1 Bat Mount, 1 Locking Key, 1 Charging Cradle.