Species In News For UPSC Prelims 2021 | Plant & Species In News Compilation

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Species In News For UPSC Prelims 2021 | E- Book - Species In News For UPSC Prelims 2021 . One Stop Solution For Species In News For UPSC Prelims 2021 Current Affairs For UPSC 2021 Exam . Best Booklet Which Cover Data From June 2019 To September 2021. After reading This Booklet You Do Not Need To Read Any Magazine Or Book For Species In News.

Each And Every Topic Is Presented With Relevant Image So That UPSC Aspirants And Other Exams Candidates Can Remember Things Very Easily .

About This Book - Species In News For UPSC Prelims 2021

Total Number Of Pages - 250+ Pages
Book Size - 62 MB
Data Covered - June 2019 To September 2021

We Will Provide Three More Updates To This Booklet. Date Of Updates Is Given below .

2nd Update - 30 July 2021 ( Already Updated )
3rd Update - 30 August 2021
4th Update - 25 September 2021 .

List Of Plant & Species In News 2021 

Rare yellow turtle discovered in India
New genus of tree frog discovered in Andaman Islands and Northeast India
‘Sitana dharwarensis’
Ypthima Watsoni Butterfly
The Branded Royal Butterfly
Blue Mormon:
Spotted Angle Butterfly:
Lilac Silverline Butterfly:
Golden Birdwing: India’s Largest Butterfly
Southern Birdwing
The Himalayan brown bear
Euphranta siruvani
Cyrtodactylus Arunachalensis
Cladonotus bhaskari
The Great Indian Bustard
Indian Vultures
MACS 6478 wheat variety
Flood Resistant Paddy grown in Assam
Girnar 4 and Girnar 5
Cumbum Panneer Thratchai’ Grapes
Kolar Leaf Nosed Bat
Mugger or Marsh Crocodile
Estuarine or Saltwater Crocodile:
Heeng (Ferula assa-foetida)
‘Smallest reptile on earth‘ discovered in Madagascar
Systomus gracilis
Pygmy Hogs
Rare Black Softshell Turtle (Nilssonia nigricans)
Harmal Chilli’, Khaje and ‘Moira banana’ of GOA
Harmal Chilli :
Khaje :
Dalle Khursani Chillies from Sikkim
Pokkali Rice
Arka Shubha – New Marigold Variety
Netra Vaman dwarf variety – Cashew
Greater Adjutant Storks
Hoolock Gibbon
Arctic Kelps: Underwater forests in the Arctic
Assam Roofed Turtle
Manouria impressa: Arunachal Pradesh
Asian Forest Tortoise
About Smooth-Coated Otter:
India’s newest pit viper found in Arunachal Pradesh
Scaly Foot Snail
Tamil Yeoman
Rare Tarantula Sighted in Tamil Nadu
Declining Hangul (Kashmiri Stag)
Grizzled Giant Squirrel
African Forest Elephants
Asian Elephants
Brown Blotched Bengal Tree Frog
Purple frog
Nilgiri Tahr
Snow Leopard
Two New Species of Eels
Barn Owl Campaign in Lakshadweep
Bar-headed Goose
Gangetic River Dolphin
Conservation Initiatives:
Wildlife Protection Act, 1972
Tibetan Gazelles
The Asiatic Lion
Himalayan Trillium
Hump-backed Mahseer ( Torremadeviiis )
Malabar Civet (Viverra Civettina)
Rameshwaram ornamental tarantula (Rameshwaram parachute spider)
Peacock Tarantula (Gooty Tarantula, Poecilotheria Tarantula, Peacock Parachute Spider)
Bengal Florican (Houbaropsis Bengalensis)
Sumatran Rhino (Dicerorhinus Sumatrensis)
Golden Langur
Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog)
Lion-tailed macaque/ wanderoo (Macaca Silenus)
The Black Necked Crane
Golden Jackal
Northern River Terrapin (Batagur baska)
Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA):
The Malayan Giant Squirrel
Bharitalasuchus Tapani
Pyrostria Laljii
The Himalayan Serow
The Fishing Cat
Seabuckthorn Plantations
Sonneratia alba or mangrove Apple
Indian Muraingrasses
Bhagwan Mahavir National Park :
The Myristica Swamp Tree Frog
Black-Browed Babbler
The Giant Leatherback Turtle
Litoria Mira
Odisha Blackbucks
Red-Eared Slider Turtle
Invasive Species of India :
Some commonly found alien species:
African apple snail (Achatina fulica):
Papaya Mealy Bug (Paracoccus marginatus):
Cotton Mealy Bug (Phenacoccus solenopsis):
Amazon sailfin catfish (Pterygoplichthys pardalis):
International Instruments and Programmes on Invasive Species :
The Indian star tortoises
White-bellied Heron
Eudiscopus denticulus ( disk-footed bat )
Nongkhyllem Wildlife Sanctuary :
Indian Rhino
The Houbara Bustard
The Indian Leopard
Nacaduba Sinhala Ramaswami
Hypnea Indica
Mandarin Duck
Indian bison (Gaur)
Himalayan Viagra
Euphlyctis Kerala
Meghalaya’s Glowing Mushrooms
The Pangolin
The Hedgehog
House Sparrow
Asian gracile skink” found from Western Ghats
Aenigma Channa Gollum Fish
National Butterfly Status
Krishna Peacock :
Common Jezebel :
Orange Oakleaf :
Five bar Swordtail :
The Common Nawab
Yellow Gorgon
Northern Jungle Queen
Raksasa Cockroach
Pied Cuckoo
Cestrum Nocturnum
Horseshoe Crab
Hilsa Fish
Buffy Fish Owl
Masked Finfoot
Eurasian Coot
Spoon-Billed Sandpiper
Swamp Wallaby
Flame-throated Bulbul
Steppe Eagle
White Rhinos
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Chinese Paddlefish
Senna Spectabilis
Locust Warning Organisation (LWO)
Lost shark
Oaxaca Treefrog (Sarcohyla celata)
Gadwall Duck
Northern Shoveler
Common Pochard
The Asian Desert Warbler
Spot Billed Duck
Little Cormorant
Common Teal
Romulus Krait
Indian Giant Squirrel And many More Which Are Covered In Booklet .