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NCERT Books are Basics For UPSC Preparation and

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Prelims mains and the personality test let me talk about first very briefly about personality test because this is where i need to spend less than two minutes and we can close this chapter in personality test your knowledge will not be tested why because your knowledge has already been tested in prelims and mains so what is tested your attitude your aptitude your presence of mind your suitability for a career in civil services and bear this in your mind my dear friends this is something that cannot be taught in any coaching Institute it comes with knowledge and this knowledge widens your horizon so these things personality presence of mind no coaching Institute can teach you so here you are on your own so personality test your knowledge is not tested because it has already been test edits the test of your personality your intrinsic traits which define your personality but

what about Prelims lets talk about problems because we have two stages or we can divide prelims in two parts general studies and CSAT but basically prelims in test those people who are unworthy of becoming is officers they are rejected at the stage eliminated at this stage non-serious aspirants who give this exam because their father or their mothers dream is this or the grandfather has told them please apply for this exam so all these students who are non serious all these aspirants are eliminated at this stage but if you look at GS and CSAT lets talk about how you can prepare for GS and CSAT while sitting at home without joining any traditional coaching class now see that the bulk of focus in csat is on reading comprehension there are 80 questions in csat two and a half marks each that makes it two hundred but reading comprehension comprises of thirty-five to forty-five percent of the questions so if youre good in English if youre good in reading comprehension you can easily clear csat because csat is a qualifying exam all you need to score is 67 marks if you score 67 marks your GS paper will be evaluated that means whether or not you enter into mains examination that will be determined by GS paper and not your csat paper but in csat thirty-five to forty-five percent questions are asked from reading comprehension so basically a passage will be given and at the end of this passage some questions will be asked based on the knowledge that is provided in this passage but

how to master passages how to master passages without joining a coaching Institute please read the newspaper newspaper in any case you will be reading for your GS exams but newspaper articles you have to read newspaper opinion pieces you will have to read but while reading an article try and understand and read in between the lines while reading an article try to understand what is the objective of an article what is the general idea that is conveyed by the author because both of these questions that are asked in your csat or something like this which of the following the author is most likely to agree or disagree with it so how do you know whether the author agrees with the statement or disagrees with the statement that means you will have to understand this passage how can you understand the passage practice practice is the key to csat success but how can you practice it read the newspaper read it to regularly never miss it while reading an article please try to understand what is the object to article what is the general idea conveyed by the author and then youre able to master this you will be able to solve all the questions in reading comprehension I m stressing on the word when and not if because i know you will be able to do this when youre able to master it youll be able to answer all the questions that are asked about from csat In csat the focus is also on tenth standard maths if youre scared of maths please skip it there is no need to even attempt any questions in csat but this 10 standard Math basically talks about pretty broad things such as time distance and speed mixtures and allegations but its very very basic questions that are asked apart from this you have a logical reasoning you have data interpretation mental ability and you also have sometimes decision-making questions but since csat is qualifying in nature all you need to score is 67 out of 200 then your GS paper will be evaluated and based on that you will enter into mains but in all these areas practice is the key practice the question papers of the past many years 2013 2014 2015 and

you will understand what Im talking about these are very basic and very simple reason questions which anyone can answer a standard traditional coaching is not required here and if youre able to score in excess of hundred marks in csat in all these three papers if youre able to score in excess of hundred there is no need to further invest your time on csat and please focus now on general studies and now lets talk about the general studies again general studies which determines your future which determines whether or not you will enter into the mains examination a 200 marks paper hundred questions are asked and each question is of two marks but if i can divide this Ill divide GS into four indispensable without which there is no chance of qualifying gs

1 history polity economy geography these are four indispensables apart from that you have environment science and technology in the India year book economic survey and all in compassing in all these things is what we see that interferes but we will discuss that a bit later so these are for indispensable history politics economy geography followed by environment science and technology in the yearbook and economic survey but what to read head for history and particularly for modern history read modern history by Mr. Rajiv Ahir but then these sets of books anybody can tell you so what is the difference here why Im telling you that read rajiv ahir and not any other book so you can tell me a scores of books which people tell you that you should read but ill tell you read one book ten times rather than reading 10 books only once but here again the focus has to be on how to read when I see how to read follow a pattern called five Ws and one one H which means what has happened when it happened where it happened why it happened who were the people involved and how and when you apply this formula you can not be able to miss any question that will be asked to me

examination but there is also a linkage that you will have to do for example when was emergency imposed in this country 1975 last year we had the prelims examination 2015 so how many years 40 years these anniversary dates become very important first year 10th year 25th year 50th year hundreds here so upsc had to ask about emergency because it was the 40th year of Indian emergency but they asked in a different fashion who fought against emergency mr. jay prakash narayan JP as he was called in that movement was called JP movement JP fought against emergency but how do we know JP in history in 1935 he found that Congress Socialist Party and this question was asked in the examination consider the following statements regarding in Congress Socialist Party and which of the above statements are correct that means what is the link here the question is asked on Congress socialist party but why unless until you understand why upsc a certain questions you will not be able to prepare in a better manner so the question was asked in Congress socialist party it was because it was the 40th year of Indian emergency and who fought against emergency Jayaprakash Narayan and the question on Congress Socialist Party was asked similarly you have to use this for real the 5 Ws one H while youre reading any topic lets say for example youre reading quit india movement when was quit india movement launched August 1952 August 1942 it was launched ok who launched it the fact of the matter here is it was a leaderless movement . CLICK ON GET IT ON THE TOP 👆