Annual Sales Excellence Program

₹ 35,400

This Annual Sales Excellence Program is a live Online training program through Zoom. Participants will also be in a whatsapp group and engaged throughout the year and doubts will be cleared through whatsapp.

Monthly Live training program happens 1st Saturday of every month. 3 hours session. 5.30pm to 8.30 pm Totally 12 sessions. 1 session a month.
Program starts from July 2021 . Orientation session will happen in June 2021
Topics are as below:

Session 1 - Pricing for Profit
Session 2 - Asking right relevant questions.
Session 3 - SPIN Selling/Follow up
Session 4- Understanding Target Segment/ Creating Ideal Customer profile
Session 5 - Positioning your product or service
Session 6- Objection Handling and 7 ways of Closing
Session 7 - Lead Generation without spending money/Prospecting
Session 8 - 6 Personality of buyers
Session 9- 6 buying roles and 4 buying modes
Session 10- Negotiation in Sales-Part 1
Session 11- Negotiation in Sales- Part 2
Session 12- Building Long term Relationship