The Sale Of Goods Act 1930 (Download Link) (1, 3 and 6 Months' Validity)

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This Course Contains:

(1) Formation of the Contract of Sale
Definitions of certain terms.
Meaning of contract of sale.
Distinctions of sale from other similar contracts.
Formalities of contract of sale.
Subject matter of contract of sale.
Ascertainment of price for the contract of sale.
Stipulation as to time.

(2) Conditions & Warranties
Conditions and warranties
The implied conditions and warranties
Doctrine of ‘caveat emptor’

(3) Transfer of Ownership & Delivery of Goods
How and at what point of time the ownership in goods which are the subject matter of a contract of sale passes to the buyer from the seller

What is appropriation of goods and how it affects the passing of property in goods
Distinguish between passing of property and passing of title.
The rule of ‘nemo dat quod non habet’ (no one can give what he has not got) and exceptions thereof.
Delivery of goods and acceptance of goods

(4) Unpaid Seller
The concept of Unpaid Seller
The rights of Unpaid Seller
The effect of sub-sale or pledge by the buyer
Distinguish the right of lien and right of stoppage in transit
The rights of parties in case of breach of contract
Concept of sale by auction.

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