Periobasics: A textbook of periodontics and implantology

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This textbook is the hard copy of author's website
Salient features of the book:
* The primary aim of the author in this book is to make difficult concepts easy to
understand and to create a sound ground for the beginners in the field of Periodontics
and Implantology.
* The information presented in this book is based on the research articles published in
the reputed journals in the field of Periodontics and Implantology. The research
articles published up to 2016 have been referred while compiling the content of this
* One of the most important features of this book is that it is an interactive book. As this
book is the hard copy of author's website,, so readers can
interact with the author and other renowned academicians and clinicians throughout
the world on the discussion forum section of the website.
* The salient feature of this book is the video lecture of the chapters, which are available
on the YouTube channel of the author, periobasics. The readers can read the chapter
first and then watch the video lecture of the chapter on internet. This makes it a
unique book, as this feature has never been explored before. In future, the author will
be available for live online lectures and discussions.
* A simple language has been used to explain the concepts so that it is easily
* Illustrations and diagrams have been made in most of the chapters so that the readers
can easily understand the concepts.
* The book contains 'know more' boxes in most of the chapters, which provide extra
knowledge to the readers regarding the topic being discussed.
* Most of the surgeries in the clinical section have been explained with actual surgical
photographs of the patients, so that the surgical procedure is easily understandable.
* One of the important attractions of this book is the tables given in the book. These
tables are very informative and are self-explanatory.