Whatsapp Bulk Marketing Sender

  • Compressed File
  • 10 MB
₹ 98

Always use original details for Buying this software.
Also Check All Details Like Mail id, Mobile Number, and Name.


Here is the benefit of Wa Bulk Sender.


It’s easy to operate a user-friendly environment. Just upload your contacts from MS-Excel or Notepad. Type a message and add Image, Audio, Video, Docs and then you go just press send button.

Clear overview of all Menus

Direct upload numbers
Send Text, Images, Audio, Video, Docs

Fast message sending

It’s works fast, you can also control the speed from settings. Truly made for business, Get your original software today.

Fast Send

Control speed from setting
Get instant delivery report

AntiBlocking Mechanism

It’s come with an anti-blocking mechanism with a rotational message setting. Which makes it reliable.

Rotational message setting

Send up to 1000 messages in one go.
Turbo mode. for faster sending