Art Project Pattern Art/ Pop Art Back to School Worksheets

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Art Project, Pattern Art/ Pop Art Back to School has 36 pages.
Instructions and Sample art work sheets included. Worksheets with a variety of school related pictures and one blank worksheet included for those kids who would love to make their own pictures.
Children may make patterns with colored sketch pens, glitter pens or also color or paint or stick materials using their own ideas and teacher's guidance.
Samples included are done by my students of Grade 3, 4
and 5. Children from all grades just love Pop Art.
Benefits of Pattern Art as seen in my students
Children learn to work independently
Become calm and happy
Learn to be patient
Handwriting and strokes improve
Self confidence improves
Creativity improves
Those who did not enjoy Art earlier, develop a liking for Art and soon want to learn new things

Creativity is a Divine Quality :)