Team FIAT T-Shirt

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Min 650

The much awaited (and debated!) Team Fiat T-shirt is FINALLY here :)

We are glad to announce our special edition T-Shirt launched to coincide with India's 70th independence anniversary. We celebrate this occasion by incorporating the Indian tri-colour in the T-shirt design with a blend of the Italian red and the Abarth logo. The material has been carefully chosen from one of the top apparel makers globally and is 100% cotton. The finish of the material oozes premiumness, and you will love the texture and feel of it.

"Torque" "Tarmac" "Traction": the holy trinity that defines all enthusiasts like us is neatly inscribed into the t-shirt design. The back of the t-shirt is plain with just the TFI logo and URL below the neckline​.

The T-shirt is available in the following sizes:

Panda : Size 36
Punto : Size 38
Linea : Size 40
Aegea : Size 42
Wrangler : Size 44
Cherokee : Size 46