Positivi-Tea: Grow your own Tea Herbs

  • Start Date: Jan. 12, 2019, 10 a.m.
  • End Date: Jan. 12, 2019, noon
  • Venue: The Space, A.B. Nair Rd., Juhu
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What can cool you down on a hot summer day, freshen you in the mornings and soothe a sore throat on a frosty winter night? It’s our beloved beverage, tea! Learn how to grow, maintain and use herbal teas in the comfort of your urban home. Go home with an Ecotwig plant and cuttings to start your own garden and the satisfaction of knowing where your herbs come from!

In this workshop you will learn everything about growing and keeping your herbs everlasting, lush green and healthy. A home garden of tea herbs can allow you to enjoy your own blends topped with beautiful flowers and fresh aromas. It’s super easy and satisfying to grow!

We will cover:
1. How to grow & maintain the following herbs in a city home :
a. Stevia
b. Lemongrass
c. Rosemary
d. Holy basil (Tulsi)
e. Mint
f. Hibiscus
g. Blue butterfly pea
2. Propagating from seeds and cuttings
3. Using the right soil, fertilizing and pruning
4. Technique to use and store your herbs

Charges (inclusive of 18% GST):
Pre-booked: Rs 1800/-
On the spot: Rs 2500/-

Contact: The Space front desk: 9892035182