Equity & Options MasterClass

₹ 24,495₹ 14,495

Inside the Trading Mantras™ MasterClass Programme you will see the 20 modules which will help you understand the stock market from the Basics to Intermediate to Advance Level where you will be able to trade in the stock market even in dreadful stock market condition.

Inside Module No 7 of Trading Mantras™ MasterClass Programme you will get to learn how exactly the options writing is the hack to make profits no matter where the stock market is heading towards.

1) Never Released “Equity & Options Strategy”
2) No More Trial & error OR Guesswork & Wastage of Hard Earned Money in Trying & Testing.

3) Become Independent self-dependent Trader, No more need to take calls or tips from other Advisory companies (most of company indore based).

4) Learn My Proprietary Strategies and know how to make & remain consistent Profits .

5) You will be introduced to Multiple Trading Setups, You can Pick one Or use Multiple setups to trade in Stocks & Options in a Routine.

6) You can be able to identify the Perfect Trend of the Stocks and The Index. You already know you can make money on both sides, Even when the stock is falling down. You don’t know that? You seriously need to know this in the Module 1 Basics Of the MasterClass course.

You will receive following Equity Strategies Module:

Module-1 Basics
Module-2 AEMA (Proprietary Strategy)
Module- 3 TrendMagic™ 2.0 (Proprietary Strategy)
Module -4 Dominator Plus™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Module- 5 BlackSlash™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Module- 6 JadeSpade™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Module- 7 Introduction To Options & It’s Basics
Advance Module-8 Ignite Plus™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Advance Module-9 RSI Reversal™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Advance Module-10 Aerron™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Advance Module-11 RSI Trendifier™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Advance Module-12 Aema Options™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Advance Module-13 Provider™ (Proprietary Strategy)
Advance Module-14 TrendMagic™ 3.0 (Proprietary Strategy)
Advance Module- 15 Aerron™ + Dominator Plus™+ Ignite Plus™
Advance Module- 16 Untapped Important Practice
Advance Module- 17 Uncovered Secrets Revealed (indicators)
Bonus Module-18 50 Bonuses As Promised (worth 8,000)
Bonus Module-19 Algo-Trading (Worth 26,500 Rupees)
Super Bonus Module-20 Spider #The King Of Automation & Technical Charts (Total Worth 2,59,490)

I am excited to see you inside the MasterClass Portal !