Prelims Mock Test-100 Questions, Time -2 Hours, Total Marks-200 !!


Once you pay RS-20 , You will be Directed to Prelims MOCK TEST Page where you can attempt FULL Prelims TEST paper. Prelims mock test is based on the UPSC Prelims paper 01 and all the questions are selected based on the prelims paper of the previous years question papers. The level of the question is similar to the prelims exam which will help you to test your preparation level at very basic level.Mock test are the best way to test exam preparation. Mock test helps you finding your strength and weakness so that you can work on those area well in time. If you attempt mock test in timed manner, you actually practice of actual prelims exam.It has been found that those who practice mock test before exam score better in the actual exam than those who never attempted.This mock test is made in similar way as prelims exam, the questions are almost similar to the previous years prelims question papers so that you can test your preparation level for the coming exam. The difficulty level of the mock test questions is similar to the UPSC Prelims exam.This mock test covers all the section of the UPSC Prelims syllabus and each question carry 2 marks. The time for the mock test is 2 hour. This mock test will helps you in following ways-

1-Test your preparation level before actual exam.
2-Helps you in finding your strength and weakness so that you can work on that.
3-Practice you in advance so that you can easily plan for the examination hall.
4-Build your confidence in the examination hall.
5-Improve your speed and efficiency in the exam.
So let’s Try this mock test now-Thank You. Good Luck.