1-on-1 Consultation Call with Chef Vaishali

₹ 4,500

1-to-1 Consultation Call with Chef Vaishali

Duration: 30 Mins

Get answers to your most pressing questions related to Baking and Sugar Arts that is stopping your from growing and becoming a matured baker.

This 1-on-1 Call will help you get specific, actionable, personalized recommendations, answering your most pressing questions on various aspects of baking and sugar arts.

Get this Opportunity and take one step ahead to reach your baking dream goal.

Who can take this session
- Anyone who is passionate about baking and decoration arts can take this session
- experienced bakers who need deeper answers/solutions for problems they are facing
- freshers/beginners who need guidance on how to proceed and take up baking as a profession, which courses they should take, which areas in baking are best suited to their ambitions, investments required etc. can be answered

What is One-on-One Consulting?
- One-on-one consulting call is a private, dedicated session where you get undivided attention of Chef Vaishali. During 30 minutes, you can seek clarity on the challenges and problems you are facing in your baking and sugar arts.
- This is a video call
- Its always recommended that you keep your questions ready with you so that you can make best use of the time provided
- You have to book this session well in advance.
- This is not business consulting session, you will have to book separate session for seeking insights and answers on your Home Baking Business related problems.

To book your consulting call you can whatsapp on 9820651469

Team Vaishali