Marketing Fundamentals for Home Bakers

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Marketing Fundamentals for Home Bakers

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What will you learn?
Marketing is a very crucial aspect in any business and in depth knowledge of Marketing decides the fate of the business.
In this course, Chef Vaishali shares all the basic principles of Marketing that will help any Home Baker in methodical thinking, understanding basics of marketing strategies and executing those strategies for building a great Home Baking Business.
You get to learn the fundamentals that Chef Vaishali learnt from her mentors and real life experiences over two decades and used to build her successful baking and education business. You can use this knowledge for your own growth.

Its a very power packed session and will motivate you to achieve great success in your life and business!

This session is also very useful for your family members/students who can learn Marketing Fundamentals. They can use this knowledge in their respective businesses, so feel free to get your family members to attend this session along with you at no extra cost

Pls Note
- Have a note book and pen to make your notes from the session as its going to be highly valuable knowledge session
- Its a specially designed and structured course for online learning of freshers and beginners, you need not have any prior knowledge in the subject.
- Perfect course to learn and start applying marketing knowledge in your own home baking & confectionery business
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- Lifetime Support on whatsapp
- You will become part of our large student community for continuous support

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