Linkedin Profile Optimisation Program: Get Personalised Feedback On Your Linkedin Profile (PDF Format)

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Hey Fam and fellow Linkedin Enthusiasts!

I'm starting my Linkedin Profile Optimisation Program! (READ TILL END)

Most people don't care to update their Linkedin profile regularly.

And, That's the problem.

Because optimising Linkedin profile is such an important thing.

Because Linkedin says:

Having a photo can lead to up to 9x more connection requests.

Adding your location can help you be discovered up to 23x more in searches by alumni, recruiters, former colleagues, and others.

Adding at least 5 skills on your profile gets you up to 17x more profile views and up to 31x more messages from recruiters and others who can help you get ahead.

So, Have you done these things yet?

If YES, Then, Awesome.

If NO, Then, Don't worry.

Because I have got your back.

I'm announcing this Linkedin Optimization Program where I will personally review your Linkedin profile.

And, Share with you the things which you need to improve.

YES! Your profile's pointers that you need to improve and the good points that you can double down on.

And, Yes. I know you might be thinking why should you trust me, right?

So, Guys, I have used Linkedin:

To bag the position of Digital Marketing Trainer at one of the most premium Digital Marketing institutes in the country.

Get my first TEDx talk.

Generate over 4 Million+ Views and a community of 24,000+ people on Linkedin.
All of this, You will get not for Rs.9999, Not for Rs. 4999, but, for Rs. 999.

That's less than the cost of our one time meal at a restaurant.

Also, Eating food at a restaurant is temporary. Food gets consumed, but, Knowledge remains forever.

So, Are you in?

Then, You can register for the Linkedin Profile Optimisation Program!