(un)taboo zine

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**Check the whole project and product photoshoot on https://aditi-kapur.squarespace.com/#/untaboo-zine-1/ **

(un)taboo is a self-published zine, comprising six artworks representing taboos we face in the present society and culture. The zine is an artistic attempt to bring attention to just a handful of such taboos glaringly relevant today. At first, you see the picture the society deems “normal” or “acceptable”, while the reality presents itself on peeling off some layers (ink in this case) meant to conceal what’s taboo.

The coin packaged along with the zine, is the 'weapon' helping you first uncover, react and then free your mind of age-old taboos that shouldn't be taboo at all.

(un)taboo is a project extremely close to my heart and I could make it a reality in collaboration with the lovely people at Pritam Arts who are pioneers of the age old technique of screen-printing. Do get your copy, I assure you it will be a super fun and meaningful thing to own :).

Do watch videos and glimpses of the zine here - https://www.instagram.com/aditikapur22/