Realize your Financial Goals

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We all want to do financial planning in our own ways and we also make efforts to do it but we find it difficult to do so either because of lack of knowledge or fear of financial terms and jargon.
In this book you will learn:
• The importance of a Well defined Goal
• The benefit of Early Start
• The Effect of Compounding
• The Ways to reduce Expenditure & increase your Income
• Right Asset allocation
• How to Retire with Free Assets having Present value more than a Crore?
This book effectively meets and caters the need of a salaried person by quantifying & explaining important aspects in a very simple manner.
To put the things in a general manner is one thing but putting specifically and quantifying the results is a daunting task. The beauty and uniqueness of this book is that it does the quantification of your financial goal in a given time period, which you will find rarely in other books.
It is a step-by-step guide on how to achieve your financial goals by adopting certain principles in life.
This book is written in such a manner that it will motivate you to have a well defined financial goal from beginning to end.
Some people feel, “I am earning very less amount and I end up saving few pennies every month, what is the use of starting a scheme or investment with this minuscule amount?”
This book will guide you that how even a small amount if saved and invested regularly can become a substantiate amount after some time.
This book explains that how asset allocation in to different asset categories results in diversification and optimization of the returns.