Adi-dharam. Religious beliefs of the Adivasis of India

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    Author: Ram Dayal Munda
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-93-84465-00-1
    Size: 8 x 5 in (Paperback)
    Pages: 56
    Year of publication: 2014
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    Adi Dharam unfolds before us a way of life based on egalitarian principles, a continuum of nature, ancestor and human, and a symbiosis between human and animal kingdom. It emerges from a lost world the whole of humanity shared once. It was the world of magic where the creator and the created lived together. It was a spirit-centric world as opposed to anthropocentrism of the normative religions.
    The survival of the Adi Dharam is, therefore, crucial for the survival of all, the toiling and peace loving people of the world, both indigenous and non-indigenous. The struggle to protect the land, forest and water is the precondition of the survival of the Adi Dharam. The ‘another world’ that we all believe is possible has to be built on the foundation of the reconstructed world of the Adi Dharam.
    — Samar Bosu Mullick