Becoming Me

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    Author: Rejina Marandi
    Language: English
    ISBN: 978-81-925541-9-8
    Size: 8 x 5 in (Paperback)
    Pages: 202
    Year of publication: 2014
    Price: MRP 200

    Liya, a young Santal, is a regular girl from an Adivasi village in Assam, with regular struggles, aspirations and experiences, who nds herself in a journey through life against the backdrop of ethnic riots.
    An exploration of identity —and the prejudice and discrimination attached to it— this novel marks Rejina Marandi’s debut and a fresh attempt to expose and document a dark corner in the long negation Adivasis in Assam have suffered.
    Questioning not the social, political and economical roots of it but their painful effects in a new generation of people, Liya’s story is about her coming of age in a country that may not be entirely hers.