Zentangle Kickstart + Monogram

₹ 2,000

Zentangle Kickstart + Monogram Workshop

We have been having successful group and private Zentangle Sessions in last couple of months, so thought to expand it even further this time. So, as a Zentangle Enthusiastic Artist and a Certified Zentangle Teacher, I decided to come up with a lovely combine class of abstract Zentangle Artform in the Zentangle Kickstart Workshop and also learn to create a Monogram (Alphabet/Numerical) of your choice on paper.
Zentangle Artform is an art of putting pen to paper, in the most intuitive process of creating art. It has the surprise element to it, which makes it more enjoyable and fun like process.
So, I heartfully welcome you to join this exciting, fun session with me, as your guide and friend.
Aishwarya Darbha (CZT, India)

No Prior Artistic Skills Required! Anyone can learn this artform!

What is Zentangle(R)?

The founders of Zentangle(R) have explained that it is an artform which is easy-to-learn, relaxing and, also fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. They further explain this method of meditative art as “relaxed focus”, in such a way when a person puts pen to paper, he or she is likely to create something beautiful and gratifying piece of abstract art.

What are the Benefits of Zentangle?

Zentangle is a tool that helps the user as follows:

• Increased focus, self-confidence and creativity.
• Relieve stress, anxiety, grief, pain, etc. It is also a perfect “nuska” as mood enhancer!
• It provides artistic satisfaction to an individual, since the methodology is so very intuitive and the process of creating this form of art.
• Discover new design inspirations, new ideas, and there are limitless possibilities to this form of art.
Lesson Plan on Zentangle Kickstart Program + Monogram
The participants are introduced to:
• A brief understanding into the 8 Steps to the Zentangle Methodology, it is a tool guide you to create more of such artworks.
• Introduction to various Zentangle Terminologies (ZentamologyTM) and also learn the philosophy behind this meditative artform.
• Hands-On Experience on Official Zentangle(R) Kit which includes High Quality artist Zentiles(TM) made from Fabriano Tiepolo sheets and other tools and materials. The participants are given their own personal kit, to take along with them for their practices.
• Step-by-step guidance and experience into creating Zentangle® Artwork for participants, along with a “bumper lesson of Monogram”, that the participants complete in the session.
Other Details
Age: 12years and above can participate
Duration: 3 Hours (11.30am to 2.30pm)

Dry Snacks and Water Bottle will be provided by the hosts. You are also free to order anything from the menu, and it will be charged separately (not included with the fees)

Workshop Fees - 2000/-


For any doubts and queries, please connect with me directly -

Aishwarya Darbha
(For Tangle and Inspire)
Email id: <cztaish@tangleandinspire.com>
DM me at www.facebook.com/tangleandinspire

You can even log on to my website to check more about the artform. http://www.tangleandinspire.com

Some FAQs:

I have no prior artistic background or experience. Can I participate?

Yes, you can participate in this Zentangle Kickstart + Monogram Workshop, since I will guide you step-by-step into this process and learning.

I have not held pen or written anything in past so many decades, how will I learn this new skill?

I have hands on experience with this artform for nearly 4 years, and I have also taught students/participants who have not lifted their pen after their school/graduation days. Yet, today they confidently complete their artworks and share it among their friends and family. You will get my personal attention and guidance into learning this artform.

What should I look forward to this workshop? Do I need to bring anything with me?

Just come with open-mindedness and you will be pleasantly surprised on what you create in the workshop. No, you don’t have to bring anything with you. All supplies and materials will be provided by us.

I often suffer from work and life balance stress. How will this artform help me?

This lesson is so well designed, planned, and presented to you, that it can fit into any kind of lifestyle, be it your mundane day to day routine.

I have many years of experience into creating art, how will this artform help me?

It does not matter how many years of experience of art you have, Zentangle® shall surprise you in true form. We have dedicated artist who have as much as 30 years of experience, are now fully in love with Zentangle® Artform. This form of art is base to many other artform as well. Just, come with open-mindedness and enjoy this session with me.

What should I expect after this Workshop?
There is so much learning into this artform that you can keep upgrading yourself. To keep up with the practice and enthusiasm, participants/students can opt-in for Tangle & Inspire Club of Tanglers, where I give weekly prompts sometimes with a video clip, photos and necessary links. You can even, contact me directly, for any suggestion on other tools and materials. I also frequently come up with NEW LESSON PLANS, so you can opt-in for that too.

You mentioned “Limited Seats”, how can I reserve my seat?

To reserve or register for this workshop, simply click the payment link and you can pay using Netbanking, Debit/Credit Cards, etc. If you still have doubts, you can always call us or contact through my website. http://www.tangleandinspire.com

Do you take cash payments or on the spot payment?
I carefully arrange and pack kits specifically for that workshop and thus limited supplies with me. Your payment is taken as confirmation for the workshop. We do no take cash payment or on the spot payment, for the same reason.

I have done the payment, but for some unexpected circumstances will not able to join the workshop. Will I get a refund?
In these circumstances, we commonly let our participants know our next Upcoming Zentangle® Session in the same venue. If the hostess/teacher is not available in 3-month time, you contact us directly for the refund. Please contact us through our website/facebook page.