Solar Rooftop 1kW DIY: Users Guide to Installing Your Own 1kW GCRT PV Energy System (By: Solar Is My Passion)

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Solar energy is clean, efficient, sustainable—and the best financial investment. Is it? Many homeowners simply assume that the cost of Grid connect solar systems is out of their reach, but in reality, is this is the best financial investment and the systems are available / affordable.
Rather than purchasing the electricity from utility, you can generate the electricity required, the technology is tested tried and proven, govt of has released many favourable policy procedures and guidelines to install these systems,
Apart from direct benefit, there are many indirect benefits too, you recover the investment in 4-5 years and enjoy the free electricity for the rest of the life from the system, thus making this system the best financial investment with highest ROI.
In Solar Rooftop 1kW DIY, Solar energy expert Ms.Shweta Mishra has shared few simple basic steps, design plans, System design, Sizing, Component selection, assembly and the steps involved to install these systems
Each plan has clear and detailed step-by-step photographs showing the installation process.
User can install these systems by understanding these steps and taking proper precautions
With energy requirement and cost will increase in coming days, now is the time to use the free solar energy and start selling power back to the grid.