The 10 Step Sales Conversion Formula

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Build a Sales Machine

The Sales Conversion Formula Works for Any Business, Any Price, Anywhere You Sell - Online or Offline

**Here's what you'll learn - **

Getting the Mindset Right

👉 Perception About Sales

👉 The New Definition of Sales
👉 3 Types of Sales People
👉 How to Handle the Fear of Rejection

Sales Communication

👉 Components of Great Communication
👉 Breaking the Patterns of the Subconscious Mind
👉 Tonal Patterns
👉 The Buyer Archetypes

The Formula

👉 The Call Opening
👉 Prospecting - The Key to Your Efficiency
👉 Transition
👉 Product Presentation
👉 How to Ask for the Order
👉 The Power of Deflection
👉 Building Certainty
👉 Looping - The Secret Sauce
👉 How to Hijack the Movie and Ask for the Order

Becoming a Great Sales Person

👉 How to Manage Your Mental State

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