21 Day Digital Marketing Career Kick-starter Money Back Challenge

₹ 2,999

Want to Start a Career in Digital Marketing and Get a High Paying Job, But -

🤷 Don't know where to start?
🤷 Confused how to get practical experience?
🤷 Worried how to face the Digital Marketing interview?

Alpha Marketer 21-Day Digital Marketing Career Kick-starter Challenge is the perfect way for you to

🔥 Learn Digital Marketing Step by Step
🔥 Implement it practically
🔥 Prepare for the interview

And eventually get a High Paying Job.

You Learn and Do All the Above Things Practically for FREE!

Here is how this works -

👉 Step 1 - Enroll in the challenge by paying the fees mentioned

👉 Step 2 - You'll get access to the training videos

👉 Step 3 - Complete watching all training videos and get the certificate of completion within 21 days

👉 Step 4 You will be given 3 simple practical tasks based on what you learnt inside the training, complete them within 21 days. (This will help you create your Digital Portfolio)

👉 Step 5 - Email us the certificate of completion and the practical tasks to <antony@alphamarketer.in> (on or before 21 days from the date of purchase of the challenge)

👉 Step 6 - On receipt of the certificate of completion and practical tasks within 21 days, we will refund back the fees paid for enrolling in the challenge.

Some of you might be thinking...

Why can't you make the challenge FREE? Why charge a FEE?

Here is a fact -

When people buy an online course, less than 20% of people actually complete it. 😞😭

It's normal human psychology to be lazy and "take action later"

So we thought, let's address the problem using same human psychology.

If we have invested money and if we can get that back by taking action, then there is a high chance that we human beings will take action.

Because - The feeling of losing money is a strong emotion and we human beings are wired to avoid it.

Why are you doing this? What's in it for you? How will you make money?

Ok, that's a valid question!

We want you to learn and take action, but in-spite of this amazing challenge and opportunity to earn back 100% of the money invested in the challenge, some people will still not finish the challenge on time.

And in that case, we get to keep the fees of people who are lazy :) 😊

So, are you lazy or an action taker? Ready for the challenge?

Here is What You Get When You Join the 21 Day Challenge

👉 30+ Career Defining Videos [Lifetime Access]
👉 Access to the Alpha Marketer Community: Members who assist and support one another in order to guide you in your journey
👉 Exclusive access to additional videos and resources

Here are the Lessons You Will Learn

Module 1 - Getting Started With Digital Marketing

👉 The Right Way to Learn Digital Marketing
👉 How to Create Your Website In Less than 30 Minutes
👉 How to Publish Your First Content
👉 Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
👉 Introduction to Google Analytics
👉 How to Create a Lead Magnet
👉 How to Create a Landing Page
👉 Introduction to Facebook Ads
👉 Introduction to Google Ads
👉 How to Create a Digital Product
👉 Introduction to Email Marketing

How to Crack the Digital Marketing Interview

Before the Interview

👉 4 Mindsets to Succeed in Your Marketing Career
👉 Identify Your Candidate Type
👉 Startup Vs Multinational Company - Which is Right for You?
👉 The Secret to Boost Your Confidence Before the Interview
👉 Your Secret Weapon to Stand out From Competition
👉 How to Craft a Winning Resume for Digital Marketing Position
👉 How Not to Write a Digital Marketing Resume
👉 Acquiring Digital Marketing Skills Vs Digital Marketing Certifications
👉 Your Secret Weapon to Succeed in a Digital Marketing Interview

During the Interview

👉 How to Present Yourself During the Digital Marketing Interview
👉 How to Ask Intelligent Questions During the Interview
👉 How to Negotiate Salary the Right Way

Common Interview Questions

👉 How to Introduce Yourself
👉 Why are You Leaving Your Current Company?
👉 Why Were You Rejected in Your Last Interview?
👉 What is Your Weakness?
👉 Why There is a Break in Your Career?
👉 Why are You Switching Your Career to Digital Marketing?
👉 Where Do You see Yourself in Next 5 Years?
👉 Why Should We Hire You?

After the Interview

👉 How to Accept the Offer the Right Way
👉 How to Handle Rejections

Bonus - Placement Assistance

Inside the video training, there are practical assignments.

If you successfully complete the challenge + complete the practical assignments and submit your resume. We will help you get hired.

There is no guarantee of placement, we will try our best to get you placed.
Please Note - Completing the video trainings and submitting the certificate of completion with 14 days is enough to complete the challenge and get the fees back.

Completing the practical tasks is not necessary to complete the challenge.

Importance of Practical Assignments

However, we believe doing the practical tasks gives you hands on experience and helps you create your own portfolio.

It ensures that you stand out in the interview and drastically increases your chances of getting a high paying Digital Marketing Job.

Access to Private Facebook Group

When you enroll in the 21 Day Challenge, you'll join like-mided marketers inside our private student only facebook group.

You can share ideas, get feedback, receive support while practically implementing the learnings and completing the practical tasks.

This is Simply the Best Way to Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career and Get a High Paying Digital Marketing Job - Practically for FREE

Ready For The Challenge?