💥 Digital Freelancing Starter Bundle 💥

₹ 52,999

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Access to these life changing courses

👉 Facebook Marketing Machine: How to generate consistent sales using facebook - Valued at Rs 4,999

👉 Affiliate Marketing Machine: How to set up an Affiliate Marketing business and ethically generate predictable income - Valued at Rs 4,999

👉 Copywriting Machine: Learn the art and science of turning words into cash - Valued at Rs 12,999

👉 9 Step Marketing Funnel Formula: How to create a marketing system that converts strangers into paying customers - Valued at Rs 4999

👉 10 Step Sales Conversion Formula: How to set up a sales process that works - Valued at Rs 4999

👉 Marketing Mind Reading Method: How to find exactly what your customers want and scale your business - Valued at Rs 4999

👉 5 Step Marketing Plan: How to create a Marketing plan to save your business - Valued at 4999

👉 Digital Marketing Career Success Plan: How to plan your Digital Marketing career and fasttrack your growth - Valued at Rs 299

👉 Digital Course Creation Machine: How to create a profitable online course and turn your knowledge and skills into cash - Valued at Rs 1999

👉 Niche Clarity Challenge: How to find the problem that want to solve and the audience that you want to serve - Valued at Rs 1999

👉 24/7 access of all the courses
👉 Includes ongoing access to future courses
👉 Assessments to check progress
👉 Certifications on Individual courses
👉 Access to a monthly one-hour Group coaching sessions and Q&A
👉 Access to Alpha Marketer Genius Community: Members who assist and support one another in order to guide you in your journey