The 60-Day Digital Marketing Job Plan

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What's Inside the Course?

👉 30+ Career Defining Videos [Lifetime Access]
👉 Access to the Alpha Marketer Community: Members who assist and support one another in order to guide you in your journey
👉 Exclusive access to additional videos and resources

Here are the Lessons You Will Learn

Getting Started With Digital Marketing

👉 The Right Way to Learn Digital Marketing
👉 How to Create Your Website In Less than 30 Minutes
👉 How to Publish Your First Content
👉 Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
👉 Introduction to Google Analytics
👉 How to Create a Lead Magnet
👉 How to Create a Landing Page
👉 Introduction to Facebook Ads
👉 Introduction to Google Ads
👉 How to Create a Digital Product
👉 Introduction to Email Marketing

How to Crack the Digital Marketing Interview

Before the Interview

👉 4 Mindsets to Succeed in Your Marketing Career
👉 Identify Your Candidate Type
👉 Startup Vs Multinational Company - Which is Right for You?
👉 The Secret to Boost Your Confidence Before the Interview
👉 Your Secret Weapon to Stand out From Competition
👉 How to Craft a Winning Resume for Digital Marketing Position
👉 How Not to Write a Digital Marketing Resume
👉 Acquiring Digital Marketing Skills Vs Digital Marketing Certifications
👉 Your Secret Weapon to Succeed in a Digital Marketing Interview

During the Interview

👉 How to Present Yourself During the Digital Marketing Interview
👉 How to Ask Intelligent Questions During the Interview
👉 How to Negotiate Salary the Right Way

Common Interview Questions

👉 How to Introduce Yourself
👉 Why are You Leaving Your Current Company?
👉 Why Were You Rejected in Your Last Interview?
👉 What is Your Weakness?
👉 Why There is a Break in Your Career?
👉 Why are You Switching Your Career to Digital Marketing?
👉 Where Do You see Yourself in Next 5 Years?
👉 Why Should We Hire You?

After the Interview

👉 How to Accept the Offer the Right Way
👉 How to Handle Rejections

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