28 Subconscious Persuasion Practices: A definitive guide to get what you want with sub-communication techniques. By Aman Varma

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Life time access.
2.4 hours video course.
Online course.
Based on Psychological, NLP, and Scientific Researches.

Goal of the course:
To increase your probability of getting a YES to your requests/offers/proposals and increase your influence in your social circle through psychological sub-communication.

This course is suitable for:
Trainers & coaches
Men looking to engage in relationship

Purpose of the course:
To equip you with 28 sub-communication techniques and mindsets so that you effortlessly convince people to do what you want them to for you. To facilitate you to maximize your social presence, interpersonal relationships and natural superiority.

What you get:
Become magically magnetic in every conversation.
Never get turned down on your requests.
Make more profits in sales.
Hack people's instincts and make them do what you want them to.
Never become a joke for someone else.
Increased social status.
Increased social value, influence and respect.
Decreased self deception.
Increased mind reading.
Increased self worth.
Increased social confidence.
Increased risk taking ability.
Increased co-operation from people.
Increased assertiveness.
Increased emotional detachment.
Increased attraction.
Epic communication skills.
Force people to feel obligated to work for you.
And much more...

Do you need this course?
Yes if,
You are always made fun of by others.
You are always turned down for any favour you ask for.
You are a follower in the herd.
You are socially dumb.
You can never convince anyone.
You are not respected in your social circle.
You lack social confidence.
You have fears.
You are demotivated.
Your communication skills suck.
You think you are worthless.
You think you are very smart but people have doubts.
Your relationships suck.
You suck.
You want to increase dominance.
You want to increase influence.
You want to increase wisdom in less time.
You want to increase your social desirability.
You want to become magnetic.
and... I can go on but basically everybody needs to invest in this course because this is forbidden dark psychologically manipulative practices of persuasion.

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