CHEATSHEET - 0 to $10k in 30 days from copywriting ( 2022 edition)

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It took me 7 months to land my first paying Client in copywriting

And I didn't reach my first $10,000/month,

Until I discovered what I'll be sharing with you in this CHEATSHEET

I'll start with a question I get every now and then

"Amar, thanks for all you do... God bless you plenty .... So quick one (it's always a quick one lol 😂) ... what would "Amar Halbert" do if he was starting all over with little or no money and he had a target of $10,000 in 30-days using his Copywriting skills, not as a total newbie, but with everything he knows now?"

This will be the first time I am making a CHEAT SHEET

Where I'll be sharing with you what I'd do,

To go from zero to $10k if I was starting all over

If it was me alone — I'd give myself a 30-day time frame

But you can give yourself 3-6months (reason-able and do-able)

And the reason I call it a CHEAT SHEET is because:

I've made probably 80% of the mistakes you could possibly make in this thing of ours — as a beginner, intermediate or even a pro...

I've seen how this industry works

I know where the big money is...

I know where the small money is

I know what to focus on

And very importantly,

What NOT to waste your precious time on

So in a sense....

By sharing these tips with you:

I am saving you lots of trouble'

Helping you shorten your learning curve,

And even better...

Shortening the length of time it will take you to get to your first or next $10,000/month with Copywriting

So in this CHEAT SHEET

You'll be coming across some proven money-making info you might want to act on immediately

And that's true...

Whether you're beginner, intermediate or pro

Because no matter where you are on the food chain

I don't think an extra $10k would hurt.

Anyway, start your engines...

The show begins now!

Order your copy and start operation MONEY SUCK :)