#iLearn - Actionable Digital Marketing updates for 1 yr



How do you feel after spending hours looking for right articles and another hour reading them but at the end you learn or know nothing new. It's a big zero and maybe you have stopped reading by now WHICH IS BAD.

The only thing that matters in digital marketing is that you need to constantly learn digital marketing. It is not like our engineering/MBA degree that you get once and hold on to forever, it is a domain that outpaces you no matter you fast you run. The smart ones are those who keep trying to upgrade their knowledge, upgrade their skills, learn from others and share with others as well.

How about I doing the donkey's work by reading all articles and sharing the best ones with you so that every article, every how-to guide, every tip & insight you read is useful and something you can go ahead and implement in your marketing. 


trial-and-erroring your way through reading articles that offer no value to market your business.
half-assing it because you don’t reallllly know what you’re doing.
falling behind on the latest Digital Marketing updates or strategies.

You could finally...

spend more time doing what you love doing - creating.
stay up-to-date on all digital platforms for marketing your business online.
have the education, support, and resources you need at your fingertips to market your creative business online.

You will receive news letters on latest happenings in digital marketing...
1) Interesting & useful articles hand curated so you don't have to waste time
2) Actionable insights to build your strategies on
3) How-to articles from popular marketers
4) Job postings
5) Case Studies
6) Tips ( this alone is worth Rs 1 / day)

7) My original articles sharing tips and tricks most digital marketers hide. It's the 20% that most hide makes most of the difference.
8) Networking opportunities and freelancing projects
9)I will keep adding more features and evolve with changing times & your custom needs

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