InboxGPT - ( Singup-to-Sales ) - Write Memorable & Money-Sucking Street-Smart Emails Using ChatGPT

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Write emails that stands out, sounds like you and actually sells outs using ChatGPT

The secret to designing a high-converting email campaign has nothing to do with how many emails you send, how big your list is, or even what type of product or service you have…

And everything to do with creating an authentic experience that makes your readers feel genuinely heard, included, and inspired by the value that you bring (yes, even when you’re selling something!)

I've made multiple 6 figures sales by sending single emails to my small yet highly engaged 600 subscribers since 2021...

Most of you have replied to my emails saying how crazy & cool they are inspite of they sucking money out of your wallet

And now I want to teach you how you can do the same FASTER using ChatGPT

And it's unlike anything i've ever done on email marketing


You won't just learn how to write street-smart emails but rather how to craft a sequence that STANDS OUT & SELLS OUT on automation

Just yesterday I helped an ELITE COACH make 30 extra sales for her new launch using an email written with the help of ChatGPT. More follow up emails resulted in extra 18 sales and close to 50% open rates from a 2 yr old dead list. That's extra 1.7 lacs she would have missed.

So if you are ready to nurture your leads, build authority, and run epic launches using email I invite you to attend InboxGPT ( let's Dominate Inbox)

  • How to make email sales strategy from start to finish ( The promo planning )
  • 12 days email sequence framework that not just STANDS OUT but SELLS OUT
  • OTT formula to quickly find subject lines & meta that gets clicked the moment it lands
  • Promo pyramid prompts to write leads of emails
  • Storytelling framework with unlimited ideas & sales transitioning technique
  • A cool trick to turn signups into $ale$ The subtle art of creating more authority & anticipation of next mail
  • 4 different open loops that makes readers click instantly
  • Win-Back campaigns ( case-Study : we revived a 2 yr old list making 6 figure sales & 50% open rates with just 3 emails )
  • Design welcome sequences with automatic response & sales
  • Brewing Email Playbook & Frameworks
  • A lot more...

Lifetime recording available & 6 months free upgrade to new versions

"Bonus Bash: Celebrating Additional Goodies"

1) Email deliverability exhaustive file - reach 60-85% open rates - currently selling at 699/-
2) Case Study of converting a 2 yr dead list into 50% open and generating 6 figure sales with just 3 emails
3) Access to Amarketing letters ( selling currently @ 2499/- ) - you'll see my exact emails that made truck-loads of $$$$$