NT 008 Presentation on Intellectual Property Rights

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About the speaker
Tarun K. Bansal
Tarun's work experience is a blend of Intellectual Property (IP) Research, R&D in Biotechnology Industry, and Software Engineering.

Prior to founding Sagacious Research, Tarun was working as a Manager in the IP division of a leading KPO firm. He was involved in dealing with the clients, managing the process and strategy of the following types of IP projects in various technical domains:

  • Patent drafting
  • Patent landscape analysis/ Patent Analytics
  • Prior Art Searches (Validity, Novelty, FTO)
  • Patent portfolio analysis
  • IP due-diligence and licensing studies, and other IP projects.

He has also worked with CDRI in the Microbiology Department as a Research Associate to complete a project related to M.tb genome.

Apart from biotech, Tarun also has experience of working in Software Industry at Infosys Technologies Ltd. At Infosys, I was involved in design and development of various software tools for biotech and health care providers using J2EE.