Chakras - Seven Keys to Transformation (Workshop)

  • Start Date: Feb. 24, 2018, 10 a.m.
  • End Date: Feb. 24, 2018, 3 p.m.
  • Venue: Pallavi Apartment, 17 Ballygunge Park Road, Kolkata - 700 019 (Near Ice Skating Rink; Opposite Gurusaday Road)

Chakra is a Sanskrit word literally meaning wheel or circle. In a deeper sense the word describes the whirlpools or vortices of energy located along the central axis of our bodies, in the “deep” or astral spine. The energy of these vortices, when released to flow upward, combines to produce a mighty river of energy before which no obstacle can stand.
Chakras govern various aspects of our mental and emotional states and hold the key for better health and well-being.
These were discovered by the yogis of ancient India during meditation. Each of the chakras have specific qualities, all of which are universally experienced by the deep meditator. To understand the functions and qualities of each of the chakras is to understand the subtle stages we all follow along our path to spiritual enlightenment.

Topics Include:
• How to locate and how to unblock your chakras.
• How to increase the flow of life-force in your astral body.
• How to use visualization, affirmation, color and sound, music, art, breathing, and hatha yoga to help you attune more deeply to these astral energies.
• How to use your core energies for healing of body and mind.

• Textbook
• Lunch

The workshop will be conducted by Baraquiel Castelli and Shamini Naidu. Here is a brief intro about them:

Baraquiel Castelli has been with Ananda Sangha since 2010 and his main interests lie in sharing the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. He has been in the Ananda Pune community for most of the time but also traveled across the worldwide Ananda Communities in USA and Italy and in many centers around India. He speaks through practical application of these deep teachings in his life. He is known to convey a deep understanding of the teachings with a sense of joy and wisdom. He also shares many classes on the impact that music has in uplifting our consciousness.

Shamini Naidu is an artist and yoga teacher who deeply believes in the power and benefit of the spiritual teaching applied through creative process. She has been with Ananda Sangha since 2012 and has trained in various Ananda centers around the world. As a certified ‘Transformative Artist’ from the Awakening Arts Academy in Italy, she shares tools to increase creativity that can be applied in daily life.​