Flowcharts Basics to Advance By CA Anand V Kabra

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Flowcharts - For CA IPCC (old) - IT & CS Professional (old) ITSA

if It is asked in exams it comes for 8 marks, this very best area to capture


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➡️Basic Theory
➡️Standard symbols
➡️Mathematical, Logical, Rational Operator
➡️Examples covered:
1. find the largest number between the two numbers A and B.
2. Algorithm & Flowchart to find Simple Interest
3. find the largest number between the three numbers A, B, and C.
4. find the Sum of the first 50 odd natural numbers
5. find out Amount in Rupees for the amount entered into Dollars.
6. Calculate Discount
7. Draw a flow chart Calculating Tax for Individual Tax Payers & HUF (Less Than 60 Years Old) for FY 2019-20
8. Draw a flow chart Calculating Tax for Domestic Companies for FY 2019-20

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