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Our goal when we started: 10 locations | 1,000 students
AXF today: 17 locations | 2,000 students | 500 volunteers
(18th Center starting at Karwe Garden, Wadala)
Angel Xpress Foundation (AXF) is a social movement that aims to transform the behavior of underprivileged children through education and life skills to improve livelihood. As we look back into our journey with pride and humility both, we invite your contribution to go further.
Why donate?
Education is the key to stable economic growth and long-term prosperity. Better paying jobs require students to have specialized skills, a positive attitude and education. We have successfully tested this model in Mumbai and have proven its beneficial impact on the intended users. We now need funds to support the program to sustain and grow it.

You can donate to
- Sponsor a child @ INR 8500 at AXF-managed Free Learning Centres
- Sponsor a child @ INR 5500 at community-managed Free Learning Centres
- Sponsor snacks @ INR 2000 for snacks for one child for a year
- Sponsor snacks @ INR 1000 for snacks for 100 kids one-time

How do we work?

Children living in slums receive poor education at school. They are also subjected to varying levels of conflict and abuse. This is fuelled by lack of adult guidance and peer pressure, resulting in maladjusted youth who fall prey to violence, alcohol and drug abuse.

At AXF Free Learning Centres, students are guided and mentored. Trained and educated adults reach out to them consistently in a trusted space where they discuss problems freely. Besides numeracy and literacy, they are also taught life skills such as problem-solving, coping with stress, mindfulness, and empathy to enable them to deal with demands and challenges of life effectively. AXF provides an education that promotes inclusive values and peaceful coexistence.

AXF also holds regular career counselling sessions to guide students about options available and the path to be taken to reach their goal.

What do we offer?
Citizen groups interested in community service receive free franchise, consultation, and resources. It helps them reach out to underprivileged children in their own neighborhood through its Free Learning Center Program.

Citizen participation serves as a key tool. Our mentorship and educational program is a platform for members of rich and poor communities to come together, interact, and share knowledge and resources. In our self-sustaining community service programs, our volunteers are assisted by the central services but can adapt it to the need of the community that they seek to serve in their own neighborhood.

Each Center is unique in its strengths, opportunities, challenges. Our AXF Free Learning Center program is a long term intervention that brings about real change, children join us when they are 6 to 12 years of age and typically stay with us till they are 18.

To know more about our work, check our Annual Report for 2018-19
Our AXF Free Learning Centre Program bridges the gap between the rich and the poor. Through voluntary mentoring and redistribution, we enable communities that otherwise live isolated from each other, to mingle, creating balance and an empathetic society.

Bringing untapped resources into play create well-being and prosperity for society. The need and scope to adoption this solution is vast and we can help create a more equitable world. It is to spread this spirit across that we invite you to donate whole-heartedly.