5 Reasons You Should Use Facebook Remarketing

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Facebook retargeting (AKA Facebook remarketing) is a form
of marketing that involves using Facebook ads to re-target
people who are already somewhat engaged with your
brand. You do this by placing cookies on their computers
and that way tracking the things that they’re interested in.
For example, if someone spends a little bit of time on the
checkout page of your website, with a specific product (or
category of product) in their shopping cart, you can then
subsequently show them that same product or a similar one.
This significantly increase their likelihood of buying. But
even if they don’t buy, it can still have numerous benefits for
your strategy in the long term.
Over the rest of this short report, we’ll be taking a look at the
reasons for this – the reasons that Facebook remarketing is
so extremely beneficial for anyone who is looking to sell a
product or grow their business online.
And by understanding this, you’ll not only be fired up and
raring to start Facebook remarketing, but you’ll also have a
better understanding of how to use this incredible tool and
turn it to your advantage.